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To all our readers in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, China and Thailand, we offer you a warm welcome to our home page. Our site is for single people who are looking for information on how to find a Vietnamese wife. We also publish information for Vietnamese people who are interested in marriage to a foreigner.

In recent times, a growing number of Vietnamese men and women have married Australians and re-settled in Australia, and so if this is your dream, we will provide you with information on how to proceed. Over 300,000 citizens with Vietnamese heritage now reside in Australia, with many more arriving.

We do not effect introductions, nor do we matchmake. We only offer advice to single people who are intending to get married, to meet and connect with like-minded Vietnamese people.

Where to meet a Vietnamese partner in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang or Hanoi.

Be aware of the following before you start dating in Vietnam:

Bars are for night-time only. Many respectable women will not go to bars unless they are with a group of friends or family. In Vietnam, coffee shops are located everywhere and are easily the most popular place to meet. Beware the ubiquitous gold-diggers. A little experience will soon enable you to see them coming.

If the conversation quickly turns to money matters and their financial difficulties, then consider terminating any possibility of that person becoming a partner.

Many women in Vietnam learned basic English at school and will want to practise speaking with you. Don’t be surprised if you are approached and asked questions about yourself and your country, but don’t misread the situation, it may not be a lead-in to a romantic relationship.

Beware of people online using fake profiles, also known as “catfish”, If you’re suspicious that the person you’re chatting with is not genuine, then request a video chat to see the person live.

Vietnamese online dating sites and apps.

In the modern age, the most common way to meet a potential partner is via the internet. It has been estimated that between 44% and 55% of couples in the USA and Europe first make contact using dating sites and apps.

The growth in the number of Vietnamese single men and women who have partnered up with Australians has come about as a direct consequence of the internet. With the explosion of smartphone use, access to dating sites and apps has grown exponentially.

Online visitors can view thousands of personal profiles every day and have the ability to choose a mate very quickly. Once chosen, online video chat can save a great deal of time for the serious partner-seeker. The large number and variety of dating sites ensures that whatever your orientation, there will be a site that can effect introductions for you.

Remember to detail your profile with relevant information that will match your potential mate’s ideals. Don’t forget to include your preferred type of person and those types you definitely don’t like.